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Play Readings

Time certainly flies: Monday, 2nd March will see us at our special table at the Baskerville to read the next play.

This month it is 'Waiting for Alec', by Frank Eccles.

The action takes place in a home for the psychiatrically-challenged as Mrs Wainwright, a well-educated lady, awaits a visit from her husband and her sister with a view to getting discharged. At the same time, Ethel, an elderly patient, is hoping that her son, Alec, will soon be dropping in to see her, as foretold by another patient who read it in her tea-leaves.

The Wainwrights' visit doesn't go exactly to plan: what happens? Does Alec whisk Ethel away from all this?

Come to the Baskie at 7:30pm and all will be revealed!