Tuesday July 6th at 7:30pm saw the last of the current season of playreadings and the last to be hosted by Peter Crowther. The play, 'Knightsbridge' by John (Rumpole) Mortimer, was a fitting end to the season - very funny comedy full of double-entendres.

At the end of the reading Pam Hudgell presented Peter with some wine, a card and a voucher as a token of appreciation for his work in inaugurating the play readings and running a number of successful seasons.

Peter thanked everyone, and gave his best wishes to Pam and Rosemary Appleby, who are taking over his role. The next season is planned to start either in September or next February, depending on what decisions are made about a Christmas production.

Next Committee Meeting

Minutes of the last committee meeting can be viewed on the Meetings page. The next Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th August at 7.15pm (note earlier time) via Zoom. Zoom meeting details