SHADDO Members mailing lists.

To communicate more effectively with our members we have set up a number of mailing lists. We have separate mailing lists for Adult members, Junior members and Supporters.

Members and Supporters don't need to do anything to be included on these lists. If you cease to be a member then we will remove you from the member lists and subscribe you to the 'Friends of SHADDO' mailing list, from which you can unsubscribe if you wish.

'Friends' mailing list

We are very fortunate to have a broad and loyal base of followers, including many past members. We hope to keep in touch with as many as possible through our 'Friends of SHADDO' mailing list.

If we already had your e-mail address you may already be on the mailing list. If not, and you'd like to be kept in touch with the occasional e-mail or newsletter, please follow this link. to subscribe.

We promise we won't flood you with mails and you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you're already on our database you can check your details by following this link, entering your e-mail address and following the instructions.

In order to operate the mailing list we will record and store personal information, including address and telephone number details. For further details please see our Privacy Policy