Information for Members

2021/2022 Executive Committee

Chair Cheryl Milne
Vice-Chair Henry Loud
Secretary Hilary Tucker
Treasurer Gareth Jones
Committee Members Ellie Classey, Simon Classey, Pam Hudgell, Liz James, Angela Jones, Neill Wilkinson, Ashley Wright

Annual General Meeting and Executive Committee Meetings

All Executive Committee meetings are open for any SHADDO member to attend.

Minutes of past meetings or AGMs can be viewed on the 'Meetings' page.


All persons who are involved with SHADDO productions or have expressed an interest in SHADDO and have provided contact details are considered to be 'Members' of SHADDO. We do not charge a Membership Fee; instead we charge a Performance Fee for each production a Member is involved in.

Members taking an active part in a production need to complete/update a Membership Form either online (click to open) or by printing one out from here and sending it to us.

Members' personal details are stored in a Membership List. For details of how we use this list please see our Privacy Policy

We welcome the involvement of children and young people from the ages of 9 to 18 in SHADDO and are committed to their wellbeing. To this end we have defined a Safeguarding Policy and are implementing Safeguarding Guidelines.

For more details on how SHADDO is set up and run please see our Constitution.