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An amateur performance of 2 one-act plays:

- by Alan Ayckbourne

Publican Gosforth has organised the village fête and invited Councillor Mrs Pearce to be the guest speaker.

Owing to an unforeseen technical hitch, “special” news from Milly Carter is publicised over the PA system much to the humiliation of her cub master fiancé Stewart who then turns to alcohol for comfort.

It soon develops into chaos and rain, the Vicar, naughty cubs and an electrocuted Mrs Pearce put paid to the rest of the event.

- by David Tristram

Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society is on its last legs. The cast outnumber the audience and if it gets any smaller they could probably do performances door to door.

With this in mind, their Chairman Gordon has written a script on his new word processor for a new "sex panto" which is sure to have them piling in!

Bernard doesn’t care as long as he’s not in it, Margaret refuses to take her clothes off again and Joyce…she’s just a little confused……

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