Aladdin - Crew List (PROVISIONAL)

Director Henry Loud Co-Director Cheryl Milne
Set Design Cath Wilkinson Musical Director Pip Collings
Lighting & FX Neill Wilkinson, Bob Bishop Sound Nick Horne, Cameron Macdonald
Stage & Set Construction Terry James, Phil Johnson Stage Manager Phil Johnson
Choreography Isabel Masters, Angharad Jones Prompt Rosemary Appleby
Wardrobe Rebecca Strong Publicity & Promotion Liz James, Gareth Jones
Ticketing and Sales Gareth & Angela Jones Stage Crew Tom Cottrell-Lilly
Props Charmaine Wood, Angela Jones Programme Cheryl Milne, Nigel Piercey
Make-up Kate Piercey, Liz Pike
Front of House Rosemary Appleby, Beryl Lawson, Ricky Knights
Chaperones Liz James,
Bar Mark Manson,
Construction Allen Appleby, Bob Bishop, Tom Cottrell-Lilly, Peter Crowther, Neil George, Bob Hudgell, Terry James, Phil Johnson, Gareth Jones, Henry Loud, Mark Manson, Neil McAdam, Charmaine Wood,
Painting, Decoration and Props Jan Bishop, Pip Collings, Marie Davidson, Pam Hudgell, Liz James, Angela Jones, Gareth Jones, Ricky Knights, Kate Piercey, Jennifer Quinn, Hilary Tucker, Neill Wilkinson, Charmaine Wood, Linda Wyatt
Catering & General Support Rosemary Appleby, Liz James, Angela Jones, Beryl Lawson