Snow White
& the Seven Dwarfs

by Ben Crocker

Snow White

Directed by

Ellie and Simon Classey

26-28 January 2017

The Team

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Set and stage construction

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image1-1 image1-2 image1-3 image1-4 image1-5 image1-6 image1-7 image1-8 image1-9 image1-10 image1-11 image1-12 image1-13 image1-14 image1-15 image1-16


image3-1 image3-2 image3-3 image3-4 image3-5 image3-6 image3-7 image3-8 image3-9 image3-10 image3-11 image3-12 image3-13 image3-14 image3-15 image3-16 image3-17 image3-18 image3-19 image3-20 image3-21 image3-22 image3-23 image3-24 image3-25 image3-26 image3-27 image3-28 image3-29 image3-30