The Christmas Panto Walk - Picture Galleries

These galleries include all the Panto / Christmas Story items that we're aware of. If we've missed any - apologies, please send a photo to admin(at)

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Binfield Heath

bh-1 bh-2 bh-3 bh-4 bh-5 bh-6 bh-7 bh-8 bh-9 bh-9a bh-10

Shiplake Cross

sc-1 sc-2 sc-3 sc-4 sc-5 sc-6 sc-7 sc-8 sc-9 sc-10 sc-11 sc-12 sc-13 sc-14 sc-15 sc-16 sc-17 sc-18 sc-18a sc-19 sc-19a sc-20 sc-22

Lower Shiplake

ls-1 ls-2 ls-3 ls-4 ls-4a ls-5 ls-6 ls-7 ls-8 ls-9 ls-10 ls-11a ls-11b ls-12 ls-13 ls-14 ls-15 ls-16 ls-17 ls-18 ls-19 ls-20 ls-21 ls-22 ls-23 ls-24 ls-25 ls-26 ls-27a ls-27b ls-27c ls-28 ls-29 ls-30